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Honey Soap Benefits for Skin

The new normal nowadays has been etched onto diligence of personal hygiene. It was brought about how people are living through a trying time like the pandemic threat. Hence, hand washing is considered to be as important as ever as people strive to stay safe and healthy in their homes.

“Washing our hands before any given meal is something many of us grew up hearing from our parents and we often complain. But we truly learned the essence of that simple task up until the beginning of the viral pandemic that shook the world.”

Hand Hygiene Importance

Hand hygiene is a vital habit to do. As you clean your hands, you are removing the microorganisms or germs present in them that are unable to see. This habit is one easy and effective way to eradicate and prevent the spread of diseases.

Hand hygiene is carried out in different ways. You can either use running water with soap or sanitizers with an alcohol base. Keeping your hands neat and clean is one of the basic steps you can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Take note that many bacteria and viruses spread through the lack of proper hand hygiene.

Hands are the vehicle for acquiring diseases. People always touch their face, nose, and mouth without even being aware of it. The bacteria easily enters the body. The most common is using the bare hands during eating. Many ignore washing their hands before eating, which means taking it for granted. Germs on unwashed hands can get on food and drinks while you eat or cook. To level up your awareness, germs on your unclean hands can also be transferred to surfaces like your children’s toys, doorknobs, handrails, utensils, and other stuff that you can hold on to.

With that in great consideration, Global Hand Washing Day has been celebrated to promote awareness of the importance of basic personal hygiene. With the great value on its core essence many hand sanitizers, hand soaps, and other hand disinfectants emerged that are designed for different workplace environments. The pandemic also has greatly influenced the persuasion power of advocating personal hygiene rightly.

Honey Soap Benefits for Skin

Talking about these hand cleaning stuffs, the use of organic and homemade products created a trend. Homemade milk honey soap is one favorite variety to choose from. It smells good and boasts a lot of skin benefits due to the honey’s moisturizing, soothing, clarifying, and antibacterial features. Considering the paramount properties of this organic wonder, honey is really a fantastic treatment for skin ailments like acne.

So many commercial industries are into it. They compete in creating their own version of honey liquid soap with their own signature of creativity and special formulas. There’s a lot to choose from and that makes it more awesome.

Furthermore, milk is also being used with honey for a luxurious bath and soak. Know the beauty mixture and process to make you feel good and looking good.

On the contrary, are you wondering if your honey is still good or does honey really expire? Learn about its shelf-life and what are the factors that can make it bad.

Honey Soap Formulas

Moisturizing liquid hand soap with milk and honey contains protein and natural extracts that leave your hands feeling smooth and soft. It washes away dirt and bacteria. Healthcare professionals recommend washing your hands with any hand sanitizing stuff and running water for 20 seconds.

Honey makes a perfect combination to any hand sanitizing solution. It is natural and can easily blend with pure organic essential oils. A known fact is that propolis, stuff made by bees has a mild antiseptic property. It helps kill bacteria and ensures proper skin hygiene.

Other liquid soap ingredients include the usage of milk which is rich in moisturizing and conditioning vitamins, proteins, and minerals for soft skin. Distilled water, coconut and olive oils, sodium borate, and others are basic ingredients too. Honey is a sugar-rich ingredient containing vitamins, folic acid, and minerals. It helps greatly in exfoliation and revitalization of skin and locking in moisture for soft and radiant skin.

Does organic and natural soap has an advantage over others? From being natural it simply means perfect tolerance. If you have irritable and sensitive skin that flares up when using regular hand soaps or if you find your skin becoming tight then these natural sanitizing ingredients could be the product you have been looking for.

Eliminating the usage of artificial hand sanitizing solutions and opting for the natural is a simple solution to avoid or reduce the worsening of skin conditions. Natural products are ideal for people with sensitive skin or specific conditions.



The pandemic truly poked an awakening that pushed hand washing as a golden rule of all human beings. This will continue to be one of the most effective and affordable ways to stay healthy and safe. Make it not just a habit but a lifestyle. Knowing the benefits of naturally occurring products can make your choices easy to adopt a healthy life.

Make honey count as it provides you with an ultimate pampering experience anywhere you want.

Did you know that honey has a lot of health benefits and uses? One of them is that honey has sleep benefits and is considered one traditional remedy that is effective in managing sleep problems.

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