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Honey Sleep Benefits: A Sweet Sleep with Honey

Can honey help you sleep? What are the honey sleep benefits? Does honey really help you sleep?

Sleeping directly affects your physical health overall. Falling short of the normal sleeping hours can take a serious toll on your day-to-day energy. But why still many of us toss and turn during bedtime and struggling to get the perfect sleep we need?

It is though not impossible to get a full night’s sleep. You have much more control of the quality of sleep than you probably think. There are several factors why you experience such discomfort and they are all attributed to your daily routines. These routines are considered your daytime habits and unhealthy lifestyle choices that leave you tossing and turning at night.

Your body needs to be recharged for the next day so that’s another reason why you need to do something about it to have ample sleep. For your knowledge, honey has sleep benefits. It clocks a good night’s sleep so you can wake up feeling brand new. Doesn’t that sound good to be true?

Why Does Honey Promote a Good Night’s Sleep?

Let’s get scientific, shall we? We’ll elaborate on why honey has sleep benefits for you.

Honey helps your body produce melatonin which is an essential hormone that supports sleep. Honey is also labeled as an “ideal liver fuel” before bed. An author and a medical practitioner, Dr. Ron Fessenden, recommends taking honey before bed to support a healthy night’s sleep. He said, “raw honey supports the liver during the sleeping process”. Honey restocks your glycogen in the liver. So generally, honey snoozes you well in 2 ways which both promote deep restorative sleep. A teaspoon of honey before sleep will do.

Yes, honey is a superfood that is good for you but it has its limitations so there is a recommended amount of honey consumption per day. You may also know the meaning behind honey color to help you choose the best of your preference.

Moreover, inadequate or poor sleep quality and duration can result in health hazards and poorer quality of life. Many still experience difficulty in falling asleep due to behavioral modifications and lifestyles. Other people suffer from sleep disorders and rely on medications and other interventions to get enough sleep which of course pose a great risk to health. For this, a need exists for alternative interventions therapeutically particularly those cost-effective regimens. Honey is considered a simple and cost-effective remedy to promote better sleep.

Another popular sleep disorder called insomnia is likely suffered by so many people. As defined, insomnia means difficulty falling or staying asleep. People tend to be awake even in the early part of the morning staring at the ceiling and thinking how many hours of sleep they have left. Are you one of them?

Honey Benefits

Scientifically, honey is a nutrient-rich natural product that contains tryptophan and serotonin. These hormones help you relax. Hence you can consume honey for a good sleep at all. As also suggested that eating honey one or two tablespoons is actually even more beneficial. All of the mentioned facts reinforce that you can use honey for better sleep quality. There is a recent discovery of the revolutionary Hibernation Diet that revealed consuming foods high in fructose like honey before sleep helps burn fats and increase stamina. It also states that sleeping is the best time to burn fat. Taking honey before sleep can help activate your body’s recovery in a natural way. This only proves that you can consume honey for sleep and to manage insomnia if you are experiencing that.

Learn more about the health benefits and uses of honey.


Though there are not many links directly between difficulty in sleeping and the use of honey for sleep issues, over the years honey has been considered one traditional remedy that is effective in managing sleep problems. Fairly honey has shown good results. But be careful in buying honey elsewhere. As you may not know, there are lots of fake honey brands being sold in the market.

So want a try? Have one or two spoonfuls of raw honey before bed. Surely your dreams come as sweet as they are.

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