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Raw Honey for Maintaining Gorgeous Hair

Raw honey can transform your hair from being dry and damaged to being healthy and shiny—all this by just following simple procedures on how to use honey for hair health. Raw honey is a natural humectant (something that retains or preserves moisture) that rejuvenates hair health and luster. Because it is not processed or cooked, raw honey retains all its vitamins and minerals plus antioxidants that help nourish hair.

Moreover, its antioxidants and other nutrients help improve and strengthen hair follicles. In short, raw honey can be food for hair. Its natural wax-like consistency makes sure all the hair enhancing properties plus moisture are locked onto the hair, keeping it perked up and protected through the day.

Here’s how you do it

To actually use raw honey to revitalize hair, simply mix about ¼ cup of it with clean water. Stir well until the concoction gets even, achieving a thin consistency. This makes it easier to spread the mixture on the hair. Then gradually apply it to damp hair, exactly the way you would shampoo. Gently massage the hair with it. When you have spread the mixture evenly, let it settle for about a half-hour. This allows nutrients to soak into the hair.

Then rinse with warm water.

However, if you are short of time to do this procedure, then simply add a few drops of honey on your conditioner and apply—as if you’re just using the usual hair conditioner after shampooing your hair. Then rinse well.

Raw honey promotes hair restoration and growth, protecting it from harmful elements. Its enzymes and nutrients can transform your dull hair into a shiny crown of glory.

Unfortunately, there are lots of fake honey brands in the Philippine market. That is why you should know the different types of honey being sold today.

Worried about hair loss?

And talking of hair growth, this natural and healthy sweetener can also actually help stop hair loss. Hair loss is commonly due to too much oiliness on the scalp which is often triggered by too much stress. If you think your hair is in danger of heading in this direction, then simply do this procedure. Just mix raw honey with olive oil and cinnamon and apply it to the scalp. Besides promoting hair growth (and arresting hair loss), it can also soften hair.

Olive oil—about a cup and a half—should first be heated in a microwave oven or other means of heating oil. Olive oil stops dandruff, softens hair, and helps make it shine. Then add one egg and two tablespoons each of cinnamon and honey. To prevent the egg from cooking, make sure the oil doesn’t get too hot. Then apply on hair. Eggs strengthen the strands of your hair.

As long as you stick to using raw organic honey, or at least add some to your regular shampoo or conditioner, you can enjoy gorgeous hair all day long.

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