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Honey For A Luxurious Bath And Soak

Switching up the beauty game is not just everyone’s standard today but a way of living, a lifestyle indeed. People are in a constant quest for beauty magic that can help enhance the charm and personal glamour. The use of artificial and organic products and brands has been a constant marathon especially for women who are diligent in taking care of their skin. You might have noticed organic and natural to be on every cosmetic product label these days. In pursuit of a pretty living, organic beauty brands emerged.

Talking about being natural, we consider stuff as organic and innate in nature. The use of honey as a natural skincare agent might have landed on your ears.

Bathing is simply part of your daily routine but do you know that incorporating honey during your shower can offer alluring benefits? Honey has long been used for dietary and medicinal needs, and it can surely work wonders for you. Aside from facial care packs and skin packs you can use honey for bathing purposes also.

As you know, there are lots of fake honey brands being sold in the market today. So it is important to check honey purity before using it. Here are the different ways to test pure honey at home.

The Science Behind the Honey Bath and Soak

Have you heard of Cleopatra’s famed beauty because of milk and honey? That made her skin look beautiful and radiant. To know more, keep reading this post!

Honey is taken as part of a beauty enhancement regimen and it is popularly coupled with milk. The combo is used for luxurious bath and soak times. You can add honey or you can combine it with milk to your bath for extra soft and hydrated skin. Some suggest using the darker honey because the darker the color the more antioxidants it has.

Know the meaning behind the honey color to help you choose the best of your preference.

How Honey is Used Then

Honey acts as a natural moisturizer and using it results in a soft and silky skin that you will just appreciate. It promotes moisture retention as honey is a natural humectant. A honey bath is made by adding honey and often combined with other natural products to bathwater. There are many honey bath mixtures in the market with an emphasis on honey ingredients.

Honey is a good choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies. You can be a chemist of your own which means creating your own mixture of bath ingredients or super moisturizing mix. You can put mild and add flowers for a soothing scent. Vanilla extract is also good to be mixed with honey coupled with mild liquid soap to create a thick foaming bubble bath. The combination of honey and milk is an ancient tradition that is meant to create deep moisture for the skin.

Honey Bath Soak Mixture and Process

A tablespoon of honey in warm water plus a good stir will do. Add some regular milk mixture to it. Milk also contains skin exfoliant. Transfer the mixture to nice warm water in a tub. Bingo! There you have a pleasing and relaxing chore to take. A 20-minute soak will do. Your skin will surely love it. A relaxing bath and soak leave you feeling soft and moisturized.

What the experts say is that “honey has antioxidant, moisturizing, and soothing properties”.

Trying it with your daily baths and soaks is a wonderful way to add a slice of spa lifestyle. A milk and honey combination is one kind of extravagance. Aside from the antibacterial properties of honey, it can also be used for the treatment of burns or sunburns by making a lukewarm soak in honey to make the skin soft and soothe the pain.


Feeling rejuvenated after knowing how? What do you think?

Complete your non-toxic beauty routine with a simple honey bath and soak. It is a truly healing and nourishing feeling. Nowadays, people are going for a green beauty routine for health reasons hence they use organic stuff as part of a luxurious beauty regimen.

What are you waiting for? Try this special honey bath mix and live like a queen so you can feel good about looking good.

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