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We are an online distributor of NATURAL HONEY, RAW HONEY, and ORGANIC HONEY in the Philippines.

We sell only pure honey, saving you from wasting money on fake, sugar syrup-filled honey products proliferating in the market today.

Our GOAL? To bring genuine honey to your doorsteps anywhere in the Philippines and help you enjoy the real benefits of honey, from boosting your immune system and energy to improving your skin. Just choose from the variety of sizes of bottled honey on our website, straight from reliable sources in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao


We offer a variety of options to our customers when buying our product. You can choose the right size and shape of the bottle to suit your needs.


Good news! We are now selling our products in multiple quantities. And by buying in packs, you can get a HUGE DISCOUNT!

About Us


We boast of our online distributorship of PURE HONEY brands in the country. We HONEYstly serve our customers unprocessed and unadulterated honey collected from the hives. Our affordable prices and all the goodness the bees put in make us more passionate.

No other honey tastes as good as Honeys.PH at its rawest. It is smooth, creamy, jelly sweet and spreadable. We keep the freshness by making sure our honey is unaltered.

What differs us from others is that we have managed to stay pure in a world where fake and processed honey proliferates. The market is alluring you to an artificial golden jelly that is fancy sweet that seems good to be true. Fake and artificial honey dominates the market nowadays hence it forms part of our vision to promote genuine honey as a lucrative passion in a jar delivered to your doorsteps.

When it comes to NATURAL HONEY, Honeys.PH is a high five as usual. Come to Honeys.PH to experience true and utterly extraordinary flavor.

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