We do not sell Fake or Adulterated Honey!

Rest assured, we do not sell fake or adulterated honey. Our main goal is to make raw, pure honey more accessible in the Philippines and soon, worldwide.

So we decided to go online. This makes it easier for us to reach more people and provide them better and authentic sources of honey, which are rare nowadays. Even some honey brands sold in respected groceries and department stores are either bogus or impure, mixed with corn or sugar syrup or other similar sweeteners.

Philippines Pure Honey for Sale

With Honeys.PH, you have a wide range of honey varieties to choose from. You may opt for light or dark colored honey, honey for kids or adults, or honey for facial enhancement, all of which are raw, unfiltered, unadulterated, unheated or uncooked, unprocessed, and organic honey Philippines.


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We are an online distributor of PURE, RAW, and UNADULTERATED HONEY in the Philippines. Our GOAL is to bring genuine honey to your doorsteps.

We make sure that you get good quality honey from us, BFAD or FDA approved and bottled and packed according to the standards required by the government. Our sources are legitimate producers with the appropriate government licenses and permits relevant to the business. 

Beware, Fake Honey is Everywhere!

We all know how a lot of adulterated or fake honey are sold in the market today. Worse, plain sugar syrup is sometimes passed off as “pure honey” by a number of unscrupulous dealers and businesses. Fake honey, for instance, is likely to have heavy contents of hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF). This occurs after heating and faking honey. Genuine raw honey does not have HMF because they are unheated or uncooked.

With this daily reality, we decided to help put a stop to this unfair practice by making genuine pure honey from reliable sources more available. Thus, the birth of this health website, Honeys.PH.

Benefits of Pure Honey

We understand the negative health implications of consuming fake honey. Known to be a better alternative to sugar, honey has been used by a growing number of people in the Philippines to sweeten their food or beverages because of its health benefits. But if the honey they buy proves to be nothing but syrup made of refined sugar (or a mix of sugar and honey), think of the possible health problems it can result to, especially to folks with borderline blood sugar levels.

But authentic raw and pure honey brings a lot of health benefits when taken in moderation. For one, it is a good chemical-free source of energy, unlike refined sugar. Second, it has antioxidants that strengthen the immune system. It also has anti-microbial properties plus minerals like iron and calcium, although honey also has certain amounts of glucose and fructose (which are also forms of sugar).

Philippines Pure Honey

Actually, there are at least 300 varieties of honey in the US alone. In the Philippines, there are at least three indigenous species of honeybees—stingless bees (Trigona spp.), Asian honeybees (Apis cerana) and the giant Apis dorsata. At Honeys.PH, we bring you only the best pure honey in the Philippines.


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We are an online distributor of PURE, RAW, and UNADULTERATED HONEY in the Philippines. Our GOAL is to bring genuine honey to your doorsteps.


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