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Honey Much Should You Take?

People are sincerely aware of their diet and lifestyle as diseases emerging are related to people’s habits and way of living. Hence the amount of honey considered to be optimum is keenly thought of. This depends a whole lot on a person’s diet and lifestyle. Honey is one of the organic and purest of the natural foods with high amounts of benefits, particularly on health and beauty enhancement. For this, honey is a great deal to talk about and acknowledge its use and the recommended consumption per day.

Honey is a Superfood

Raw and unfiltered honey is a superfood that is super good for you. But even a superfood like honey has its limitations so there is a recommended amount of honey consumption per day. Honey usage is simply broad and that means from serving as vitamins, snacks for tummy time, ingredients in recipes and delicacies, used in cocktails and desserts – you name it

This superfood is a healthy sweetener and is considered largely as an alternative to sugar or non-caloric chemical sweeteners. Many did not know the recommended honey consumption per day. A usual favorite way to consume honey is just a straight-up savoring one spoonful of the sticky substance a few times a day.

Moreover, there are prevailing concerns about honey like it would cause weight gain. But the principle of weight gain lies in the fact that when you eat more than what your body needs, the excess calories are being stored as fats. Honey is high sugary stuff.

In 2015 the WHO disclosed several recommendations emphasizing the importance of sugar reduction intake per day. Taking too much can cause serious health issues so there is a need for reasonable control on the intake of sweets like this natural sweetener.

How much honey is enough?

Now the big question is how much honey is enough? What is consider excessive? Taking honey in a diligent and responsible manner for your body is of great importance. Like any other food, more than what is sufficient will have consequences later. Honey of course is an organic sweetener but this does not mean that you can just consume it without limits. How much of this stuff one can eat is really a tricky one.

According to general practitioners generally, 3 to 5 tablespoons of the natural sweetener is an adequate consumption. In fact, it is considered as part of a good regiment for a healthy lifestyle with the consumption of a tablespoon or two in a combination with other healthy foods like yogurt or cereal. You can take honey with some other foods and also with fruits. A tablespoon of honey before bedtime is also beneficial. A tablespoon of honey has a calorie content of about 60 and based on the normal caloric requirements of consuming simple sugars like honey it should not exceed more than 10%. From this 180 to 300 calories or equal to 1 tablespoon to 3 is a sufficient consumption. This data is based on some scientific and medical perspectives. But one should take into consideration the overall diet and lifestyle of a person because everyone is not the same.

Besides the mentioned consideration another factor that can vary the consumption of honey is physical exercise. Each person has its own metabolism rate so everyone differs. Doing strenuous activities or sports can also affect the metabolism rate. Apparently, the daily amount of natural sweeteners for different people would not be the same.

The best way to eat healthily is to incorporate honey into your daily foods like spreading them onto bread or replacing empty calories with honey in regular drinks and routine beverages. You can also replace straight away the sugar with honey if you are taking tea, coffee, or juices with table sugar in your meals.

Benefits of Taking Honey

Besides the limitations, the benefits of taking honey are promising. More and more studies strongly support the health benefits of honey. To name a few, the benefits are controlling cholesterol levels, strengthening the heart, caring for the skin, improving memory, improving sleep, calming the nerves, and caring for the stomach. Aren’t they surprising?

But can you go overboard with this delectable organic sweetener as you know? Well, eat as much as you can???? Of course NOT!

As the rule of thumb, “anything that goes beyond the boundary is not good”. As per the famed principle, “saying excess of any food intake is not wise”. But take note, not all sweeteners are equal. Certainly, excessive demands for high energy can allow for additional consumption.

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