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Pure Honey Just Before Bedtime for Effective Weight Loss

Wondering what weight loss measure to try next? If you’ve been frustrated about losing weight notwithstanding the various “effective” methods you’ve tried, here’s something worth trying.

Honey is a good first aid remedy for cough in children. Aside from that, taking pure honey just before bedtime is also said to be a vital key to effective weight loss, according to the controversial book, “The Honey Diet,” by Mike Mcinnes. A lot of studies have shown that fructose plays a vital role in preventing obesity by replenishing the liver with fuel. Fructose is converted into glucose in the liver and kept there as liver glycogen for the brain to use at night.

The Action of Honey Fructose on the Liver and Brain

The brain activates the recovery of the body while you sleep via the pituitary gland. When your body is able to recover fully during sleep, it prevents the onset of degenerative illnesses like dementia, diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity. Thus, the liver needs some extra buffer of fructose to supply the brain with.

Fruits can supply glucose to the liver. Thousands of studies on the fruit-rich Mediterranean Diet have shown this. But Mcinnes claims pure honey does an even better job of providing fructose to the liver. It carries a lot of other nutrients with it to the liver aside from fructose. This makes honey better metabolized in the body than fructose from fruits and stabilizes blood glucose concentration. Moreover, it provides better insulin signaling, practically making it a powerful anti-diabetic food.

However, few studies recognized the need to time the intake of honey to make it effective for fighting obesity and trigger weight loss. Mcinnes insisted in his book that honey ought to be taken just before bedtime to provide extra fructose supply to the liver and extra boost for the brain while we sleep. Without that extra supply timed just before bedtime, the liver would be left with little to nothing during the night, and that would stall the work of the brain to activate body recovery during our sleep.

Why Timing Is Everything

Most people take their dinner at 6 or 7 in the evening. By bedtime, the fructose supply will have been depleted and the brain will have nothing to work with. Thus, Mcinnes wrote, that extra fructose boost from pure honey just before bed is crucial for weight loss.

According to the author, the best time we burn fat is during sleep—if the recovery system of the body is well in place. It is well in place if the brain has enough reserve fructose fuel from the liver.

The time we burn body fat is when we are sleeping. For that to happen you have to activate the recovery system. For that to happen, the brain has to have reserve fuel in the liver. If the brain does not have enough fuel in the liver it cannot activate recovery, it has to activate stress,” wrote Mcinnes.

How to Make It Really Effective

To make this really effective, we must replace all our sugar needs with honey. Use honey to sweeten your beverages like tea, coffee, or when eating cereals or cooking food. Definitely, junk food is a no-no. Eat unrefined carbs like bread made of wholemeal flour and eat more proteins instead. Try to avoid sweet fruits but choose berries. Do away with potatoes.

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