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Cebu Sweetie’s Pure and Delectable Honey

Cebu city boasts also of its own pure honey. The sweet golden liquid is a very famous kitchen staple because of its health and beauty benefits. In fact, it has been used since the olden days. The wide array of merits that people can get from this organic charm makes it a valuable commodity. Hence many people thrive to do something about it to gain a lucrative endeavor.

Honey Business as a Livelihood

Some outskirts of the city have been endeavoring honey business as a livelihood from buying and selling to producing its own. Considerably it is easy to have bees in the city as long as there are plants that go along with them to thrive and survive. There are a lot of families rearing bees and having apiaries in their homes for commercial purposes or having bee farms in some convenient places. The target market is focused on people who want to get into healthy living.

Simply this thing is an organic trend right now as everyone needs to stay fit and strong especially since the pandemic threat is still up and running. Business is done favorably online these days because of tight restrictions brought by the pandemic. So that means to say products are delivered once they are ordered online or done through meetups.

Consider the benefits from a start-up to a lucrative and successful business. Check some of the different ways to profit from humble bee-ginnings.

Bee Product Uses

Local customers love how they can use the bee product in so many ways. To name some, they love to use it on their faces as a moisturizer or as a sweetener. Honey is also good for treating sore throat and cough and it also helps in boosting memory, exercise performance, or just another enriching food option and many more. Honey products come in different kinds and the most expensive is the bee pollen capsule.

Beekeeping Industry

In the beekeeping industry, local raw honey is the best. Buying locally-made stuff strongly supports the industry which is an integral agricultural item that is facing many challenges now in the pandemic time. It is of course the best to get locally grown organic honey given the fact that they are just produced in the locality.

Cebu’s homegrown honey comes from apiaries and bee farms from families engaging in a business effort. It is wise to consume these local honeys because these are produced by bees in the same environment you live in and they contain the immune-stimulating properties needed for your body to adapt to the environment.

Fresh and raw honey is more potent and tastier. Buying also from local beekeepers is a really great help to the local economy. You are also helping them to stay in the business. Many years ago the public hyped up this golden liquid’s health benefits on the internet making way for business breakthroughs.

Pure wild honeys are placed on jars and bottles with varying prices depending on the sizes of the containers. In fact, locally grown honey from Cebu has reached customers in other parts of the region. But the honey business is no easy thing to engage in the fact that it is hard to convince people how genuine your honey is. A honey businessman said that it is a game of trust. It depends on how you persuade them.

Fake honey is not a new story being told that’s why there are still many people skeptical about it. It’s a bit challenging if you engage in just selling them and not actually producing them in your own yards. If you have your own beekeeping business then it’s just a walk in the park to convince the customers about your products.

Pure and wild honeys also vary greatly in price compared to cultured honeys. Wild honeys need no maintenance costs thus can be priced lower. Pure honey also has a longer shelf life. The selling of the sweet treat in Cebu is prevailing strongly because the restaurants are fond of using this stuff as a food enriching ingredient.

Where to Buy Pure Honey in Cebu City

  • The Buzz Café in Robinson’s Galleria
  • Krispy Kreme in I.T. Park Cebu
  • Healthy Options in Ayala Center
  • Pepper Lunch in Ayala Center
  • Krispy Kreme in Ayala Center
  • Degree 9 Coffee and Roasting in Cabahug Street, Cebu
  • Starbucks in Ayala Center
  • Trattoria da Gianni an Italian restaurant in Cebu
  • Bubble Bee Tea House in North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City
  • Mae Krua Thai Cuisine in F. Ramos, Cebu
  • Café Georg in Banilad
  • Sulbing in I.T. Park, Cebu
  • Siam Thai Cuisine in Ayala Center
  • Starbucks in I.T. Park, Cebu
  • Dad’s Organic Farm
  • Dilan’s Apiary in Lapu-Lapu
  • Neyzu’s Beekeeping Products & Supplies in Punta Princesa
  • Mactan Island Bee Farm
  • The Bohol Bee Farm
  • Gaite Ranch Bee Farm
  • Guling’s Farm-A-See


Now you know that there are plenty of them where you can buy pure honey in Cebu. And the business sector of honey is growing. Other beekeeping firms have a common mission of helping others to start their own honey business and spreading the good benefits of beekeeping.

It’s truly amazing how these bee-autiful creatures play an intimate role in the biodiversity of nature. The plants are rooted to the ground hence they cannot certainly run across the field and hug the other plants. So what they need is a messenger of love – a bee! So they can have children of their own and honey for a business to own.

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