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A Beeg Surprise: Ways to Profit from Humble Bee-ginnings

Who could have thought that tiny creatures like bees could spark an immense source of lucrative livelihood? It keeps us wondering that these insects have so much more to give aside from sustainability of food production, substantial contribution to the economy of the country, and other beautiful impacts on the business sector.

Let’s dig more about them and find the glimmering benefits. Other than the stuff bees make like beeswax, honey, and other sugary products, these bee-autiful creatures have something delectable to offer – and it is a promising job called beekeeping which is considered a profitable endeavor and hobby. This awesome chore has been enlisted as one of the demand jobs today in other countries like Canada and Australia paying thousands of dollars in this industry. Our country has already been part of this bee-industry since 2006. In fact, our government is constantly sending workers abroad.

The Philippines’ context of honey from bees is being kept as a profitable enterprise. A specie of honey bee called Apis mellifera is a western honey bee. This specie is a honey-bearing insect and is one of the best species of bees suitable for the beekeeping industry of the country. Money is simply generated from honey as this enterprise is a potential moneymaker just outside the garden. It is also considered to be a profitable project of commercialization. A couple of businessmen said that beekeeping is worth the capital investment. Many see it as a good endeavor after retirement from public or private sector service.

Some Bee Products and Services to Make Profit:

Honey Product

Honey is the most popular product. Due to its immense importance and benefit, its price has almost doubled over the past several years and is still rising. Honey is famed for its medicinal, cosmetic, and other commercial purposes. The demand is overly growing.

Beeswax Product

Beeswax Products are another stuff that can make good revenue. Popular items from beeswax include candles, lip balm, soap, hand cream, moisturizer, and more. You can create amazing products from raw beeswax or you can sell them to hobbyists and crafters if you have no interest in creating stuff from them.

Bee Pollen and Propolis Product

Bee Pollen and Propolis are bee products considered to be one of the current nutritional trends. They help supplement the diet with these granules. Pollen and propolis are dubbed as superfood and claimed to help boost immunity, decrease allergies and serve as antioxidants. Propolis is a resin that is a sticky substance from plants that bees use as a protective mechanism for their hives. It is also being used to make chewing gum, car wax, and cosmetics. Propolis has a powerful antimicrobial property from antibacterial, antifungal to antiviral.

Pollination Services

Most organic farms for high-demand crops seek pollination services. These farms pay to have their beehives relocated temporarily until the task is accomplished. In the United States, the pollination industry gets overly a million-dollar entity.

Other Products and Services

If you are a beekeeper, you can largely benefit from offering training classes, seminars, internship programs, tours, books, and other educational materials to aspiring beekeepers, crafters, or hobbyists.

These are just some of the humble beginnings that you can choose from as your sidelines to supplement your income or perhaps make it a full career. Simple joys can create an environment where people can continue to reap the sweeter rewards. It’s a good thing to consider the benefits from a humble start-up to a lucrative and successful build-up.

Do you know the difference between raw, pure, and natural honey? As you know there are lots of fake honey in the market, so it’s best to learn its differences.

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