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Honey King

Organic, Raw, Wild, and Unfiltered Honey.

Premium Export Quality.

This Pure Bee Honey is specially harvested by local bee-hunters from the forests of Davao, Philippines.

Available in individual bottles or in bulk.


This Pure Bee Honey is specially harvested by local bee-hunters from the forests of Davao, Philippines.

The region’s wilderness serves as the perfect location for a good source of nectar for bees too. Davao’s forests are a haven of different species of flowers with good weather conditions throughout the year that contributes to the honey’s exquisite taste.

Why is Pure Bee Honey King a Must-Have?

Available in Light, Dark, and Honeycomb variants, Honey King’s harvest requires experience and expertise in the extraction process of honey from honeycombs. Honey King’s bee-hunters harvest honey the natural way, not heated or micro-filtered. This extraction process preserves all the beneficial vitamins, nutrients, and even its pollen.

Pure bee honey is known for its health benefits. In fact, it is rich in antioxidants. It is also one of the ingredients in home remedies, alternative to commercial beauty products, health supplements, and medications used to treat symptoms of a wide range of health issues.

Product Packaging

Honey King comes in a variety of options for our valued customers. Our goods are available in various sizes to meet different needs and requirements and it is approved by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Honey King’s pure bee honey in a glass bottle comes in a budget-size pack that is perfect for a month-long consumption.

The Family Size (1 Liter) package is ideal for a family that uses honey for preparing meals. It is perfect for maintaining a healthier lifestyle by using it as a sugar alternative.

Another variant is honeycomb in a jar, prepared and packed to preserve the natural enzymes, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, and other nutrients it contains. This is a perfect sweetener alternative as you will not need as much to achieve the same level of sweetness that sugar offers.

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Good news! We are now selling our Honey King in Bulk Packages. And by buying in packs, you can get a DISCOUNT!

Furthermore, Honey King offers Wild, Unpasteurized, Unfiltered, Organic, Raw, and Pure bee honey. Guaranteed to be nutritious and delicious. Kept in airtight containers which extends the product’s shelf life, even though honey has no expiration date.

Honey King guarantees quality and satisfaction!

Buy this Honey, now!

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