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Honey Supplement: A Powerful Romantic Recipe

We love telling people all about honey. It comes back to the reason that if you feel fit and healthy you are likely to have a better intimate performance with your significant other. Now you feel a bit excited to read more about it.

But before you go further, do you know the recommended honey consumption per day? We all know that honey has a lot of benefits but this does not mean that you can just consume it without limits.

What seems exciting and amusing today is the widespread usage of substances that increase sexual desires, behavior, pleasure, libido, attraction, or simply called aphrodisiacs that arouse sexual instincts. But this sweet golden nectar has been a stimulant since 500 BC. It is the father of modern medicine Hippocrates who prescribed it to increase sexual vigor. So this is not a new thing at all. In biblical times Palestine is dubbed as the land of milk and honey meaning abundance of blessings and fertility. There is so much more attached to this peculiar sweetener in the past that linger up until today to the latest generation.

Sexual Benefits of Honey Today

Now let’s tackle the new days. Let’s talk about the honey benefits sexually. Some of you might have already known about it. Honey is an aphrodisiac unlike other inorganic substances like Viagra where disadvantages are pretty obvious. It sounds good to be true. Unlike any other popular aphrodisiacs, honey can go on nearly anything and won’t leave you with a bad breath because honey tastes sweet.

The use of honey currently is seemingly the same as many cultures and traditions in the past whereby the sticky stuff is being shared between couples and lovers as sensual food. As said, it is associated with romance, marriage union, blissful times, and honeymoons. A great ancient healer and philosopher said that “honey is a golden liquid and described it as the food of foods, the drug of drugs and the drink of drinks”. He also said that “honey can be combined with pepper and ginger as a sex stimulant”. Now you are getting hotter and excited to know more right?

Honey Tradition

Pleasurably moving on, in the other parts of the word like in Indian weddings as part of their customs the bride offers honey to the groom as a sign of sweetness in life. In Viking tradition, too much honey is a fertility booster. The newlyweds would drink a cup of honeyed wine in the first month of their marriage. Particularly the gift-giving of honey cakes is part of Eastern European traditions that are associated with rituals of romance and love. A goblet of honey and wine tied together with red thread is also an ancient Chinese tradition that the bride and groom would take sips to symbolize their union and love. See how immensely honey influenced the lives of the people in the past and today.

Aren’t you wondering where the honeymoon word came from? The word itself says more about it. It came up from an ancient practice of love when lovers would go into privacy and take this magical honey drink to increase their sexual desire and prowess. As the fact and scientific study says, the honey base contains a mineral called boron. Boron is known to boost testosterone while metabolizing estrogen plus B vitamin. This is not surprising though from time to time. You probably have heard that honey can be a home remedy for erectile dysfunction sufferers. Many people attested that honey is very effective in improving energy levels, stamina, and blood circulation.

Booster of Energy

Honey is a shot of energy. For every tablespoon of it, you ingest some carbo for a sweet boost. For sure your dates would not be sedentary or sleepy at all. A boost of energy is a kind of arousal. To note, honey for fertility has no bearing itself BUT it can really affect sexual performance. To name several benefits, honey can boost your virility, increase your stamina and power, enhance sexual appetite, up feel the good factor, prolong your pleasure, spice up your life, contribute to the feeling of well-being, and of course, can put your heart into affection. Honey is a heart tonic.


So to keep you going all day, all night, or any time of the demand, two spoons of honey will do. Remember stamina and gameness will definitely make your honey happy and content. What else can awaken the senses and arouse your libido for sexual intimacy other than honey? This is a humble reason to give honey a try. Well whether or not you are persuaded that honey is an agent of good sexual desire, you can take it though as an awesome gift for your sweetie. It’s a present we all believe they will surely fall in love with.

Give a boost to sweeten your love life.

Moreover, did you know that there are lots of fake honey brands being sold in the market today? To help you identify if the honey you bought is pure or not, here are the eight different ways to test pure honey.

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