Mt. Apo Honey 1…


Mt. Apo Honey 1 Liter

Raw, wild, unadulterated, unfiltered, and unprocessed Honey.

FDA Approved. Walang Halo at Hindi Niluto.

Sourced from the mountains in Davao City, Philippines. Expiration last in longer years, guaranteed!

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This Mt. Apo Pure Wild Honey Bee is raw, wild, unadulterated, and unprocessed. Walang Halo at Hindi Niluto. Expiration last in longer years, guaranteed!

Darker honey is 6 to 9 months on beehives and best supplement for adults; while Lighter honey is 3 to 5 months on beehives and best supplement for kids. We can help you enjoy the amazing benefits of the pure wild honey bee by bringing it directly to your doorstep. It can boost your immune system and put a glow on your skin.

We offer a variety of options to our customers when buying our product. You can choose the right size and shape of the bottle to suit your needs. Our 1 liter of Pure Wild Honey Bee is perfect for couples, and small families who love honey. It is ideal for people with a healthy lifestyle who loves to use honey in preparing their meals. Or for those who want to create organic and natural concoctions to have salon gorgeous hair without the harsh chemicals. Buying larger quantities of honey also minimizes your carbon footprint, by saving on product packaging.

Mt. Apo Honey is a reputable brand of Pure, Raw, Wild, Unadulterated, and Unprocessed (Walang Halo at Hindi Niluto) honey. We sell only pure honey, saving you from wasting money on fake, sugar syrup-filled honey products proliferating in the market today. It is approved by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is sourced from the mountains of Davao City, Philippines.

Our honey is stored in airtight containers, carefully preserving all its healthy and yummy goodness. It also helps to extend its shelf life, despite it having no expiration date.

Satisfaction guaranteed! Buy this Honey, now and avail FREE SHIPPING!

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Mt. Apo Honey


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