Mt Apo Honey is wild raw honey. It is essentially untouched as it was not filtered or processed. It is extracted from the Mindanao forest, where various species of plants and wildlife, including honeybees, reside.

The flowers are quite abundant in the mountains, especially those growing at the impressive height of Mt. Apo. This gives the bees a lot of natural flower nectar to feed on and to turn into honey.

What’s even better is that the honey is extracted from the beehives often found in high trees by Puhag Men. Many of them are indigenous people living in the mountains who make money from extracting honey. They are well-trained and have spent years doing this kind of work.

But buying Mt Apo Raw Honey does not only mean helping the Puhag Men earn a living. Since they are trained to extract honey with as much care as possible to avoid harming the environment, you will also be saving Mother Nature.

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